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  Diamonds Lotto jackpot hits £20k 1st August 2017  

With nobody matching the four numbers this week, the chance to win the £20,000 Diamonds Lotto jackpot (the maximum under our rules) rolls on to next week’s draw - so don’t forget to buy your tickets!

The Lottery provides much needed resources to help fund the Youth Development and there has never been a better chance to both help the club and possibly win big in the process.

The prize is definitely attracting both new agents and players alike with takings well up this week, and all are most welcome.

A special shout goes out to Bob Reid who ran out of tickets on numerous occasions during the week but stepped up to the plate as ever. Also a special thank you to both the Albert Bar and the West End for all their commitment.

And finally, a mention for Anne Fleming, Billy Blackwood, Paul McDonagh, Robert Wilson and Ellen Plunkett who all exceeded expectations and helped make this week such a success.

As well as the usual agents, tickets will be available from the shop during season ticket sales this week - tonight and Thursday.

And if you want to become an agent, contact Gillian on gillso@hotmail.co.uk

Good luck to everybody this week.


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